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Mowana International

We take pride in connecting the world to the rich and diverse heritage of Africa. We are committed to showcasing the finest Made-in-Africa products like; foods and spices, herbal products, fabrics, artworks, among others to gloabal markets.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best Africa has to offer.

Explore the best of Africa African Food African Crafts

Explore a world of authentic Made-in-Africa products at Mowana. We have diverse products ranging from African foods and spices to herbal remedies, fabrics, artworks, and more. You can buy African products directly from Africans and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Go beyond Africa Africa Africa

Mowana welcomes vendors who produce, create or craft the soul of Africa. Partner with us to showcase your Made-in-Africa products to the world. We provide a platform for your products to reach global markets. Don’t worry, Mowana handles the nits and bits of exporting, distributing and selling your products.


We're committed to nurturing and promoting African entrepreneurship.

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